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Phosphora and Pit by rongs1234

I really like your style on how you drew Phosphora and Pit. The nosebleed was a nice touch. "You're- you're not just making fun of me n...

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Name: Vita Salvatore (da Forli)

Age: 17

Nickname(s): N/A

Gender: Female

Alias(es): N/A

Time Period: Renaissance

Birth Date: August 11, 1484

Death Date: April 23, 1556 (Death by natural causes)

Occupation: Doctor, Recruit

Affiliation(s): Assassins

OC's Appearance


Height: 4'11"

Weight: 137 pounds

About OC

Vita is absent minded and clumsy with both traits going well together. If Vita misplaces something, she would rapidly run around and possibly break things. She is also attached to her mentor (guess who), but not in a romantic way. She is attached to the point that the mere thought of him getting hurt makes her anxious. Faults aside, she is a rather cheery girl. Along with that, she is also loyal to the cause.

Likes: Family, mentor, outdoors

Dislikes: Templars (of course), injuries, losing materials

Habit(s): misplacing items, calling out "MENTOR!"

Strength(s): Fast, loyal, trained in the medical arts

Weakness(s): absentminded, clumsy, anxious

Fear(s): seeing her mentor hurt, dying, losing a fellow recruit

Talent(s): She has experience in the medical arts due to her heritage.

OC's Relationships

Love Interest(s): N/A

Friend(s): Fellow Assassins

Enemy(ies): Templars (of course)

OC’s Abilities

Preferred Weapon(s): Dagger, poison darts

Fighting Style: As she is trained in the medical arts, she uses her knowledge to her advantage, making a variety of poisons for usage. She prefers smaller weapons due to her stature.

(On a scale of 1 - 10 for your OC's abilitys; 1 being terrible and 10 being best)

Eagle Vision: Nope

Agility: 8/10

Hand-to-Hand Combat: 7/10

Defense: 4/10

Quick Reflexes: 9/10

Assassination: 6/10

Stealth: 3/10

Long Range Accuracy: 8/10

OC Family Background

Birthplace: Forli, Italy

Family: Cara Salvatore da Venezia (mother), Baldo Salvatore da Firenze (father)

Character Background:
    Born in a family of skilled doctors, Vita was cared for almost constantly. She was well fed, well treated, well fit, all that stuff a healthy child can have. She has grown to be spoiled and will often prance around the house humming a little tune in glee. Oh, remember when I said that she was born in a family of skilled doctors? Well, her mother is well skilled in creating medicines and poisons while her father was skilled at selling them. Of course, like any doctor around, he would sell his goods to a certain someone in white robes… Anywho, while her father was working, her mother was teaching young Vita how to create medicines. Vita was always interested, as she always wondered how her parents do so well. She always listened, excited to learn more. On a few occasions she would try to use her knowledge and create medicines on her own. Most of the time she would make a mess or break the medicine capsule.

    It was just one week that sales were doing poorly in Forli. Hoping that they could make better sales to support the family, the Salvatore family set out for Roma. They stayed in Roma for a few years, making better sales than before. At least they would’ve if a certain family didn’t keep everything in ruin. During the Roma residential period, Vita was called to help her mom deliver some boxes to another doctor close by. Upon arrival, there was no other doctor. They were ambushed by guards hoping to steal the goods for themselves. There was nowhere to go for the two ladies. Vita was nervous yet bold at the same time, running up to a guard to kick him in the crotch to steal his sword. The disarm was successful and she began to try her best to fight off the guards, allowing time for her mother to flee. She manages to take down a few before she was cornered. “Aiuto! Aiuto! (Help! Help!)” she cried out, getting on her knees. It was there that someone came in and killed two guards at once. She got up in hope and continued to fight alongside this stranger. Block after block, swing after swing, Vita struggled to keep herself going. Soon, she managed to counter and impale the guard in the abdomen while the stranger who came to her aid also countered an attack, pushed the guard away, and shot him. She was surprised, excited, and relieved in one mix. She dropped the sword onto the ground and bowed to the stranger. The other walked up to her and placed his hand on her shoulder, proclaiming the six words that would change Vita’s future…

“The liberation of Roma has begun.”
So, ever since the RP thread "The Fade", the BIT.TRIP/+Anima ship (Honey Pancakes) has sunk.


Yes, I cheaply edited a screenshot from "Say Uncle".
Happy New Year (This is so Late) by GennaCase1101
Happy New Year (This is so Late)
If I remembered about DA on New Years, I would've posted this here, too.
(Top-Left: BIT. Naut, and Vee. Bottom-Middle: Prototype, ZP, REZ. Top-Right: FEZ, Deemo, Star)
Leave other fandoms alone! And if you say that you have a right? Well, you don't! You are harassing others! So if you come to me and say that I ruined my fandoms because of my interests, well here's what I have to say:
IDGAF: I Don't Give A Flux by PogoBox
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